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Space Engineers

~~~NOTE: The 64bit version has been removed from this release. This should not be an issue as the game's core is based on 32bit architecture.~~~

Two step run process.
1. Extract using 7zip, WinRar or an archiver of the same variety.
2. Run 


* 64bit version has been excluded from this version
* Direct Steam Rip. All content (excluding the .NET Framework 4.0, DotNet 4.0 and the 2010/2012 vcredist Redistributables) is included.
* Read the included Readme file 
* The Steam Workshop is Disabled
* Portable Release (can be stored and played on a memory device)

Space Engineers v01.009.009
Build: 2013-12--05 05:23

The 64-bit version of the game is now available. Also, added large/small motor blocks 

that can be used to create rotating objects and blocks and improved the performance 

for floating objects and collisions.

- 64 bit version
- Large and small motor block
- Improved performance for floating objects
- Improved performance for collisions
- Hide rotation hints is now possible
- Updated localization

- keys for symmetry modes can be assigned
- fixed front part of hand drill missing on ground
- ship drill is now correctly centered
- fixed broken small ship collisions
- fixed drill shadow
- fixed ladder view issue

EDIT: Update 01.009.009
- fixed collision issue on 64-bit version
- fixed startup error
- fixed motor collision shape
Because of the 64-bit version we were forced to re-enable the automatic installation 

of the Visual Studio redist through Steam. This sometimes silently fails and the game 

refuses to start (startup crashes).
To fix it, please manually uninstall all Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and 2012  


Might and Magic X Legacy

Might and Magic X Legacy-RELOADED
Might & Magic X - Legacy (c) Ubisoft

01/2014 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Ubidrm
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: RPG

Might & Magic X Legacy is an authentic solo experience in the classic
first-person RPG genre. Create and lead your group into an exciting open world
and battle mythical powerful creatures while collecting ancient magical

After a decade, a Might & Magic RPG is back with both the unique core formula
and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features. The best RPG of its class
In the wake of the spectacular events in Might & Magic Heroes VI, you will
play in a party of four adventurers entangled in intrigue and political
machinations unfolding in and around Karthal. The city, on the verge of
secession, is prey to competing factions vying for its control. Your actions
will determine the fate of the city

Key Features
-Dive into vintage Might & Magic
Discover an authentic franchise that defined early PC RPG gaming in the 80s
This classic and timeless RPG has returned after eleven years of waiting and
has been adapted to todays standards while respecting yesterday's expectations
Old school, new rules

-Create your party
Take control of a team of four adventurers chosen among four different races
Twelve classes are available, each one having their own skill system. Thousands
of combinations are possible

-Forge your own tactics
Through a turn-based gameplay system, defeat creatures and unique bosses and
accomplish unique quests, level up your group and gain new powerful artifacts

-Discover a new part of Ashan
Explore the Agyn Peninsula  a totally new, unexplored environment in the Might
& Magic universe. Get familiar with its epic wilderness and meet the locals who
pack quite a few surprises

-Explore twisted dungeons
Make your way through dangerous dungeons, cities, and labyrinths full of traps,
and solve puzzles and riddles to rack your brain Beware: You never know what's
hiding around the corner

-Create and share your mods
Build your own adventure and quests and share them with the community. The
legacy is yours

Rediscover the mythic Might & Magic role-playing series, updated for a new
generation in Might & Magic X - Legacy. Experience a gripping four-act story
that will test your tactics and judgement
-12 playable classes
Customise your team of adventurers with choices from 12 different classes, 4
races, and over 20 skills. Evolve your party members and develop unique
strategies using freshly acquired spells

-3 towns and 1 city
Begin your great journey at Sorpigal-by-the-Sea, travel to the other
settlements, visit monuments, recruit hirelings, and trade with shopkeepers

-Open world
Travel through stunning environments, choose which region you want to explore
first but be careful, danger is never far off

-Various quests
Discover the sinister plot happening in the Agyn Peninsula, shape its
inhabitants' stories, and evolve your party thanks to fun and original quests
full of Easter Eggs

-20 dungeons
Experience fear and claustrophobia in the dark heart of classic dungeons, and
feel vulnerable to attack from all sides while crossing open landscapes

-More than 60 creatures and 6 unique bosses
Face cunning foes in turn-based combat and adapt your fighting skills to the
mightiest creatures

Create your own map and mods to express yourself, design the game you want to
play and share your creative vision with the Might & Magic X  Legacy

2. Burn or mount the image
3. Install the game and any needed redistributables
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to
your game install directory
5. Play the game
6. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


In Their 26th Year Of Glory, FairLight Released #1123

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (c) Warner Bros. Entertainment

Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT              Release Date: 22/10/2013
Cracked by:  FAIRLIGHT              Game Type:    Action, Adventure
Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT              Image Format: ISO
DISCS: 1 DVD                        Protection: Steam

System Requirements : (S)-1-phenylpropan-2-amine

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
VGA: NVIDIA 7600, 7800, 8000 or better, ATI 1950 or better
DX: DirectX 9.0c
HDD: 8GB of free hard disk space
Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible Audio Device
ODD: DVD-ROM drive

Game information

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes features an original story  crossing  the  entire
Marvel Universe. Players take control of Iron Man, Spider-Man,  the  Hulk,
Captain America, Wolverine and many more Marvel characters as  they  unite
to stop Loki and a  host  of  other  Marvel  villains  from  assembling  a
super-weapon capable of destroying the  world.  Players  will  chase  down
Cosmic Bricks as they travel across LEGO Manhattan and visit key locations
from the Marvel Universe, such as Stark Tower, Asteroid M,  a  Hydra  base
and the X-Mansion


Smash, swing and fly in the first LEGO videogame featuring more
than 100 of your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains from
the Marvel Universe, including Iron Man, Wolverine, the Hulk,
Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Loki and Deadpool
Help save Earth as your favorite Marvel character with your
super-cool strengths and abilities
- Iron Man flies, hovers, shoots missiles and unleashes
a powerful unibeam directly from his chest
- Spider-Man shoots webs, uses his spider-senses to spot
objects invisible to others, crawls up walls and, of
course, web-slings
- Captain America throws his mighty shield at objects and enemies,
embeds it into a wall to create a platform, and protects
himself from damage
- Hulk smashes
Perform new and powerful moves as "BIG-fig" characters like Hulk
and Abomination. Leave a path of destruction as you smash through
LEGO walls and throw cars using hyper strength
Discover LEGO Manhattan like never before, and travel to iconic
locations from the Marvel Universe, such as the X-Mansion,
Asteroid M and Asgard
Create unique Super Heroes with customizable characters
Enjoy an exciting original story, filled with classic LEGO
videogame adventure and humor

Installation Information

Burn or mount
Play the game

NOTE: As usual, block the game exe in your firewall